Join us for a week-long voyage on STS Leeuwin II

Voyages are a great way to get active, try something different, meet new friends and develop skills for your future.

Prepare to be challenged and discover your strengths and talents while building your self-confidence. Take on personal responsibility and work as part of a group. We’ll help you reach your personal best and develop your leadership, communication and problem-solving skills.

On a voyage, you’ll spend a week at sea helping run a working ship, which includes:

  • setting and furling the sails
  • climbing the masts – the main mast is 33m high!
  • standing watch through the night with your watch group.
The only thing better than going on the Leeuwin is going on it twice! — Joseph (16)


Leeuwin Ocean Adventure offers a number of voyages throughout the year, with the flagship program being the Youth Explorer Voyage.

No previous sailing experience is required for any of our voyages. 

Youth Explorer Voyage

This is a week long voyage for people aged 14-25 with a sense of adventure! Lifelong friendships will be forged as you work together, grow together and have an enormous amount of fun together. You’ll be amazed at what can happen in just 7-days. Read more.

Ultimate Challenge

A 5-day voyage designed specifically for young people with intellectual, physical and/or sensory disability. Leeuwin Ocean Adventure’s Ultimate Challenge voyage is Australia’s only tall ship program for people with disability. Read more.

Family Connect

A 3-day voyage for parents/grandparents and their children or grandchildren. The aim of this voyage is to strengthen family communication and relationships and create lifelong memories together. Read more.

Weekend Leadership

A short 3-day voyage exploring the values of good leadership – and putting them into practice. Read more.

Get on board!

If you’re interested in joining a Leeuwin Ocean Adventure voyage:

  1. Select a voyage from our Sailing Schedule
  2. Follow the prompt to the Apply Now button
  3. Download and complete a Voyage Application Form (as a PDF format)
  4. Submit your application