Ultimate Challenge

WHEN: 11 Feb - 15 Feb 2019

DEPARTS: Fremantle

ARRIVAL: Fremantle

FARE: $1,500

Leeuwin is proud to be the only tall ship in Western Australia to offer an ocean adventure voyage specifically designed for young people with disabilities.

Participants have the opportunity to experience the thrill of tall ship sailing in a safe and supportive environment.  Participants meet new friends, learn new skills and increase their self-confidence on this exciting 5-day adventure.

We look for a total of 40 people to run the ship along with our permanent crew and volunteers; 24 young people with physical, intellectual and sensory limitations and 16 (18+ years) to sail equally as support participants, also providing support and assistance when required.  Preference is given to those in the 14-25 age group; however older applicants are still encouraged to apply. 

Participant Application Form

Support Participant Application Form

Applications for 2019 Ultimate Challenge close Sunday 25 November, 2018.


Ultimate Challenge Partners

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure recognises the following disability services agencies who have committed to support access for people with a disability on Leeuwin Ocean Adventure’s Ultimate Challenge Voyage.

Each agency has committed to identifying a person with a disability within their network each year for three years, who would benefit from participation on a voyage – a person who has shown a willingness and desire to try new things; a person who wants to continue to improve their skills; a person whose commitment to themselves and others can be rewarded by a great experience.



Voyage Schedule

2019 Voyages
11 Feb - 15 Feb
Departs: Fremantle
Arrival: Fremantle


“Meeting people who also face challenges in life was great and made me appreciate what I have been given. I can not put into words how much the Ultimate Challenge meant to me."


“It’s a week of the best therapy ever, and our clients don’t even know it! They get physio (balance, strength and coordination skills), OT (they work on their independence in all their ADL’s) and speech (improved social skills and for those with devices and KWS – they get to teach others how to communicate with them!)."