Ultimate Challenge

WHEN: 4-8 February 2020

DEPARTS: Fremantle

ARRIVAL: Fremantle

FARE: $1,500

Sailing for all

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure delivers Australia’s only tall ship personal development program for people with disability, through its Ultimate Challenge Voyage annual series.

For thirty years, Leeuwin Ocean Adventure has participated in the promotion and advancement of human rights and freedoms of young Western Australians with disability. Through the unique setting of a voyage on-board STS Leeuwin II, young people with with intellectual, physical or sensory limitations are offered a life-changing adventure which is a powerful source of cognitive and emotional stimulation, challenge and accomplishment.

Adventure in general can be a boon for disabled individuals. It can help to get them into experiences beyond the status quo, encouraging them into new behaviours that can strengthen their self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-efficacy. – Frank Farley, professor of psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia

On board STS Leeuwin II for an Ultimate Challenge Voyage:

  • 24 people with intellectual, physical or sensory limitations
  • 16 participants learning to sail a tall ship who are willing to assist those with disability achieve their potential on board
  • 10 volunteers assisting with the smooth running of the voyage
  • 5 permanent crew

All participants work as a team, within their watch. Our experienced crew and volunteers empower participants with disability to be independent and involved as trainee crew members.

This voyage is open to participants of all ages. 

Download Voyage Participant Application Form

Volunteering for Ultimate Challenge

There are many benefits to volunteering on-board STS Leeuwin II.

But if you work for a service provider supporting people with disability or if you are studying this area, the Ultimate Challenge voyage offers additional benefits to do with the unique setting of a voyage. The experience can lead to expanded opportunities and growth, with new job ready skills and networks.

Download Support Participant Application Form


Ultimate Challenge Partners

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure recognises the following disability services agencies who support access for people with a disability on Leeuwin Ocean Adventure’s Ultimate Challenge Voyage.

Each agency has committed to fund a person with disability from within their network. This person will have shown a willingness and desire to try new things, to improve their skills and to commit to themselves and others.

Each agency has also committed funding towards support participants, enabling and encouraging involvement of the broader community in this unique and powerful voyage experience.



Applying tips

All voyages require you to complete a form. We will assess it, before confirming that you can join the voyage of your choice.

To facilitate the processing of your application, here are few important tips:

  • Forms are in PDF format and can be filled and send to us without printing them, using the free Acrobat Reader app: download it here.
  • Make sure to download the application form on your desktop, and open it using the free Acrobat Reader, before filling it in. Viewing the form in your browser won’t allow you to sign it off and submit!
  • Don’t take and email a photo of your application OR take the risk that it gets blocked as spam!
  • Rename your application file adding your name (Example: Application 2019 – Jenny Smith) and save.
  • Write your name in the subject line of your email when sending your application.
  • Expect a response from us within 2 weeks. If you don’t, please contact us.


Voyage Schedule

2020 Voyage
4 Feb - 8 Feb
Departs: Fremantle
Arrival: Fremantle


I have also made some amazing friends and met some interesting people like Noah who has the energy of 16 people; and Ryan who is completely blind but sees better than me!

Emily, 2018

It’s a week of the best therapy ever, and our clients don’t even know it! They get physio (balance, strength and coordination skills), OT (they work on their independence in all their ADL’s) and speech (improved social skills and for those with devices and KWS – they get to teach others how to communicate with them!).