Donations to Leeuwin Ocean Adventure make a world of difference

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation Limited is a registered charity. Contributions through donations and sponsorship have, for over thirty two years, enabled young men and women from across Western Australia to experience the unique, life-changing adventure that a voyage on STS Leeuwin II provides.

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From time to time, Leeuwin Ocean Adventure runs special fundraising campaigns – but general donations are welcome at any time.

Captain’s Fund

If you’re keen to directly support youth participation on voyages, your donation to the Captain’s Fund will do just that. From time to time young people approach us to assist with their fundraising effort. If they’ve demonstrated initiative and drive and have managed to raise some of their funds, Leeuwin Ocean Adventure will consider their application for sponsorship using funds raised through donations to the Captain’s Fund.

Leeuwin Fund

If you’re interested in contributing to maintenance of the ship for the purpose for which it was built, sail-training and the development of young men and women, then your donation to the Leeuwin Fund will go towards the annual maintenance and renewal of the vessel. STS Leeuwin is maintained to a high standard to meet compliance obligations and to ensure she is in a condition to do her vitally important works.


STS Leeuwin II is a community asset – her value to the community can be measured by the positive impact we have made on 45,000 young people over 32 years.

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How to donate?

Over the phone

Call the office on 9430 4105 to make a credit card payment over the phone.


Please send any cheque donations to the below postal address:

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation

PO Box 1100

Fremantle WA 6959


eWAY Payment Gateway

Use our secured online payment platform below to proceed with your donation:

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Donations over $2 to Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation are tax deductible.