Show us your stripes

STS Leeuwin II exists because of the passion and dedication of individuals and organisations who want to make a difference, be good citizens and support their community to become stronger, more connected and confident –while having fun on a tall ship!

This support looks like this:

Show Us Your Strips? 

Show us your stripes is a campaign aiming to raise fund to support our children for an empowered future, through The Captain’s Fund.

The Captain’s Fund?

The Leeuwin Captain’s Fund raises money to enable young people to participate in a life-changing leadership experience on-board STS Leeuwin II.

Get involved!

  1. Take a picture (some calls it “selfie”) in your favourite striped t-shirt
  2. Post it on your Instagram or Facebook account with the hashtag #showusyourstripes


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Don’t stop there!

  • Get your friends together for a breakfast, a hike or a kite-surfing session
  • Get them to wear their favourite stripy t-shirt.
  • Take a picture and hashtag #showusyourstripes

Spread the word… (it’s fun)


Donation options

Donations over $2 to the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation are tax deductible. 
You will receive a receipt for your donation. 

$75  will feed one young leader with healthy food on their voyage. You need nutrients to climb up those masts!

$100 assists young people based in the region with their travel costs to get to the ship. Our regional youth make up 26% of our participants – but flying isn’t cheap!

$250 is the cost of a safety harness and wet weather gear for one young leader. Three points of contact at all times please!

Donate by sending a cheque to

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation

PO Box 1100
Fremantle WA 6959

Donate online

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