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Leeuwin Ocean Adventure delivers Australia’s only tall ship personal development program for people with disability, through its Ultimate Challenge Voyages annual series.

For thirty years, Leeuwin Ocean Adventure has participated in the promotion and advance of human rights and freedoms of young Western Australians with disability. Through the unique setting of a voyage on-board STS Leeuwin II, young people with visual or hearing impairments, or with physical or sensory limitations, are offered a life-changing adventure which is a powerful source of cognitive and emotional stimulation, challenge and accomplishment.

Adventure in general can be a boon for disabled individuals. It can help to get them into experiences beyond the status quo, encouraging them into new behaviours that can strengthen their self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-efficacy. –Frank Farley, professor of psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia

But not all people with disability willing to join us have the means to fund their Ultimate Challenge Voyage. So we are fundraising to support some of them. We have almost reached our fundraising target for the 2019 voyage!

Showing your support for this program will make a world of difference!

We invite you to donate a minimum of $25 to ensure that all applicants can board STS Leeuwin II on 11 February 2019.


Donations over $2 to the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation are tax deductible. 
You will receive a receipt for your donation. 

How to donate?

By sending a cheque to

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation
PO Box 1100
Fremantle WA 6959

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