Show us your stripes

What is it?

‘Show us your stripes’ is a campaign about preparing our children for an empowered future.

The Captain’s Fund

The Leeuwin Captain’s Fund raises money to enable youth to participate in a life-changing leadership experience. At the Leeuwin, we want your children to stand tall and lead with strength.

How can you help?


Take a picture in your favourite striped t-shirt (blue and white looks great, but hey we won’t discriminate) and post it on your Instagram or Facebook account with the hashtag #showusyourstripes.


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Fundraise and tell Australia why:

Get your friends together, have a breakfast and don’t let anyone pass the door who isn’t in stripes. Take a picture and hashtag us – we guarantee we’ll share the love.

Spread the word:

Ever noticed how many people wear striped t-shirts? Why not let them know about the show us your stripes campaign, and if they are ‘on board’ take a snap and share it with the world.


Donation options

Donations over $2 to the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation are tax deductible. You will receive a receipt for your donation.

$75  will feed one young leader masses of healthy food on their voyage. You need nutrients to climb up those masts!

$100 assists regional youth in their travel costs to get to the ship. Our regional youth make up 26% of our participants – but flying from Broome, busing from Albany or driving from Geraldton isn’t cheap. 

$250 is the cost of a safety harness and wet weather gear for one young leader. Three points of contact at all times please!

Other: will prepare our children for an empowered future.


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Fremantle WA 6959

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