Fund Yourself

A voyage on Leeuwin is an investment in you and your future – you’ll learn key life skills that will transfer into your life at school, further education or work. Fundraising for your Leeuwin adventure can be daunting task, but Leeuwin Ocean Adventure can support you in raising money for your voyage fare.

How will I fund my Leeuwin adventure?

How to?

Explain the ‘why’

Why should potential sponsors or other source of funding support you?

  • Tell your sponsors a little about yourself – What are your interests, passions, strengths and weaknesses? What are your dreams and aspirations? Why is coming on a Leeuwin voyage important to you? What do you think you’ll gain from the experience?

Research the ‘who’

Who could you target beyond family?

  • Friends & Family – A personal connection normally leads to more commitment and success.
  • Community Groups – Rotary, Lions, Country Women’s Association, PCYC and other groups have programs to support young people.
  • Local Shire or Council – Local Government can support residents through donations, or offer small community grants. Research their website and contact the relevant officer to find out how to apply.
  • Local Businesses – Approach local businesses with a strong Corporate Social Responsibility.

Explore the ‘how’

How are you going to get the word out that you are fundraising?

  • Crowdfunding – Consider using  online crowd-funding platforms like GoFundMe ™ to raise awareness of your project.
  • Flyers – Be creative and design a poster or a flyer, which could be displayed in local shops or distributed through a local letterbox drop.
  • Social Media – Utilise the power of your existing network and social media, and get your fundraising message out there. See if your school, university, TAFE or workplace can feature your fundraising campaign in their newsletters or internal communications.

Set personal goals

How committed are you to join a Leeuwin voyage?

  • Personal Contribution – Big or small, your personal contribution will demonstrate to potential sponsors and donors your commitment. Set a realistic target of what you can personally save for your voyage fare. You can sponsor yourself with savings or work earnings.
  • Family Donations – Ask relatives to give you money for your birthday or for other celebrations instead.

How can we support you?

Once you have applied for a voyage, we can provide you with:

  • A letter of support – For you to approach potential sponsors.
  • A fact-sheet – Featuring facts and statistics about Leeuwin Ocean Adventure that will tell potential sponsors what we do, and the benefits of the program you are fundraising for. Download it here.
  • Direct payment, invoice or receipt – For your sponsors to transfer donated money directly and securely to Leeuwin Ocean Adventure, a registered charity.

We have also designed two documents to guide you:

  • Download our Fundraising Plan (template) here
  • Download our Fundraising Tips here