Last year alone, youth volunteers gave over 27,500 hours to Leeuwin Ocean Adventure.

Our volunteers are most often ex-voyage trainees. Most volunteering is done on the ship, during voyages and daysails. But volunteering on Leeuwin is not just about coming back to sail on board. Leeuwin volunteers are needed for routine maintenance and during refit; we often need volunteers to represent Leeuwin Ocean Adventure at school, university and career expos and for function s on board the ship while she’s tied up in Fremantle. 

Being a Leeuwin volunteer is about giving your time to an amazing organisation and being part of something that makes a real difference.

What really impressed me was the attitudes and character of the volunteer teenagers and young adults that were the volunteer sailors. They all had great people skills, were physically strong and healthy, and of good character forged from committing themselves to challenges that are bigger than themselves.  —Richard M, TripAdvisor

Top reasons to volunteer

There are many benefits to volunteering, including:

  • Broadening your social networks
  • Exploring new careers
  • Learning new skills
  • Staying physically and mentally active
  • Discovering your passion
  • Making a difference and putting something back into your community
  • Gaining experience, contacts and references


After their first voyage, feeling inspired by their experience, voyage trainees often inquire about becoming a volunteer at Leeuwin.  Joining as a volunteer can provide significant benefits to high school and university students.

School students in year 10 to 12, you may also:

Talk to the Education Manager at Leeuwin Ocean Adventure to discuss the opportunities.


University students, you may also:


Volunteers are members

As a volunteer, you will be required to join as a member in order to be covered by Leeuwin Ocean Adventure’s Volunteer Workers Insurance Policy. 

All voyage participants* are eligible for a free 12 month membership commencing once you have completed your voyage. Joining will allow you to volunteer and enjoy the benefits of being part of the Leeuwin team.

Once your membership lapses, if you wish to continue to be a member and/or volunteer, you can choose one of Leeuwin Ocean Adventure’s membership options – 1-year or 5-year.

Different membership options provide different benefits, including:

  • daysail passes
  • 10% off a voyage* for guests (family or friends)
  • subscription to Leeuwin Lines
  • special member offers
  • and more…
*Applicable to 5 and 7 day voyages.




2021-22 Volunteer Internships

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