Through our partnerships with a number of corporate and community organisations, voyage sponsorships are available for applicants who require assistance raising their voyage fare.

Please note that each sponsorship has different criteria and eligibility requirements and may cover the voyage fare in full or in part. What each sponsorship has in common is that it has been provided through the generosity of a company, community organisation, or individual to enable you to join a program like no other in Western Australia.

To improve your eligibility for voyage sponsorship from one of our sponsors, you should consider demonstrating how you plan to secure sponsorship funding towards your preferred voyage from other sources too. With perhaps little or no experience raising funds, you may find this process daunting. But we are here to help! You will be surprised how simple and rewarding it is and how generous people and organisations can be when they know you are helping fund yourself to join a Leeuwin Ocean Adventure voyage.

To learn more about how to fund your voyage, click here.

Sponsorship applications should be sent via email to community@sailleeuwin.com


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