Endorsed Programs


Youth Explorer Voyages on Leeuwin are endorsed by the School Curriculum & Standards Authority (SCSA). Students may earn up to three WACE units through voyage participation on Leeuwin.

The Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) is a senior certificate recognised nationally in the Australian Qualifications Framework. The WACE is awarded to students who have successfully completed two years of senior secondary schooling and have achieved the required standard. The WACE is recognised by universities, industry and other training providers.

Achievement of a WACE signifies that a student has successfully met the breadth and depth standard, the achievement standard and the literacy and numeracy standard in their senior secondary schooling.

All students receive a Western Australian Statement of Student Achievement (WASSA) when they complete Year 12. The WASSA formally records a student’s achievement in every course, qualification and program completed in senior secondary schooling. The WASSA shows how a student has been willing to accept new challenges, try new things, activities and programs outside the classroom. The WASSA is increasingly used to demonstrate to employers and tertiary education institutions about the whole person, complementing academic grades.

What are the WACE requirements?
To achieve a WACE students must:
1. Complete one of three course combination options:
• at least four Year 12 ATAR courses, or
• at least five Year 12 general courses and/or ATAR courses,
• complete a Certificate II or higher VET qualification in combination with ATAR, general or foundation courses.
2. Demonstrate the literacy and numeracy standard.
3. Meet the requirements for breadth and depth of study.
4. Meet the achievement standard.

What are the WACE study options?
Students are offered three study options which they can mix and match:
• WACE courses, including ATAR, General, Foundation and VET industry specific
• VET programs
endorsed programs.

The following Leeuwin Ocean Adventure activities are endorsed by SCSA.

Participation in endorsed programs on Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Youth Explorer voyages is listed on a student’s WASSA and may contribute towards WACE requirements.

Leeuwin Activity SCSA Endorsed Program
Sail on a Leeuwin Youth Explorer voyage (5-8days) PLYEV – Provider Leeuwin Youth Explorer Voyage
Volunteer with Leeuwin ADCS – Authority Developed Community Service
Work Place Learning at Leeuwin ADWPL – Authority Developed Workplace Learning.

Fremantle Ports is proud to be the program naming rights sponsor of Leeuwin Ocean Adventure’s Youth Explorer Voyages, endorsed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.

For further information on endorsed programs and how to get the most out of your Leeuwin experience, contact our Education Manager at education@sailleeuwin.com