Leeuwin Ocean Adventure offers a unique opportunity for students aged 14 plus to participate in true adventure, sailing for 5 – 8 days on Australia’s largest sail-training tall ship, STS Leeuwin II.

On a Youth Explorer Voyage, students work together to learn and develop skills and are an active member of a team in a totally new, unique environment. Providing students with responsible risk-taking and an exhilarating adventure, a Leeuwin voyage is a positive learning and developmental environment. The voyage encourages participants to focus on their well-being and work on skills which will prepare them for future employment and community involvement, including problem-solving, initiative and enterprise, planning and organising whilst building their self-esteem and social confidence.

The voyage experience supports young people to set personal goals and develop skills which are transferable back into their homes, schools and future education and workplaces.

Your Education Pathway

Leeuwin can help you achieve your higher education and career goals. Once you have participated in a Leeuwin voyage, you may be eligible for:

For more information, download our Education Pathway:

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Earn WACE and WASSA recognition

Leeuwin Youth Explorer voyages are a School Curriculum and Standards Authority Endorsed Program (PLYEV) enabling students in years 10-12 to potentially earn the equivalent of one unit towards their Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). Students are able to use three out of the four endorsed programs for WACE units from a voyage and are able to record many more on  Western Australia Statement of Student Achievement (WASSA) academic transcript to provide evidence for scholarships and employment opportunities.

The WASSA is a document that every student receives when leaving school regardless of achieving their WACE. Participating on a Leeuwin voyage and volunteering may be added to your WASSA, and will demonstrate your willingness to try new things and learn a diverse new skill set.

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