Volunteering their way to Career Challenge

This year, the Leeuwin Foundation has offered an amazing opportunity to university and TAFE students who volunteer ten full days throughout the Leeuwin refit period. Once complete they are given the chance to be a participant onboard the week-long Career Challenge voyage in December.

Since July, students from all major universities including Edith Cowan, UWA, Murdoch and Curtin have contributed a massive 150 hours to this years’ refit.

International student at Murdoch University, Theodore Tung (27) from Singapore, is one of fifteen students that have chosen to volunteer their time to assist with maintenance for the STS Leeuwin II.

He has been involved in painting, chipping, cleaning and assisting with refitting the sails all whilst the 1850’s style barquentine ship has been alongside.

Theodore (Theo) talks about his experiences so far.

“When I was told that there was an opportunity to volunteer and earn a spot for the Career Challenge Voyage, I was ecstatic,” he says.

“Hearing stories from the current volunteers about their voyages and the challenges involved just gets me really excited and looking forward to my own experience on a voyage,” says Theo.

“The most exciting part of my time so far was when the volunteers gathered to learn how to put up the sails on the mast (whilst they were on the ground),” said Theo.

“We learnt about TG Gaskets, where they are placed and how to tie them on. The team then rolled up the sails and worked together. I had an awesome time that Sunday and everyone was just brilliant to work with,” he says.

Theodore was keen to volunteer as he recognises the benefits of completing a Leeuwin voyage and aims to include this experience in his resume.

The Career Challenge Voyage is aimed at young career professionals who are looking at developing their soft skills for future employment. Anyone aged 18-25 is invited to secure their berth with a payment of $2,250.

The Career Challenge Voyage will be held from 8-14 December sailing from Fremantle to Bunbury. To book your space, download your application form today!

The Leeuwin Foundation aim to enrich the lives of young people through adventure, participation and challenge and are funded through a combination of grants, corporate sponsorships and donations by organisations and the general public.

The Foundation is an award winning provider of personal development and leadership programs that provides key life skills for young people aged 14-25 that they will take into their studies, careers and community. Since 1986, the Leeuwin has provided exciting and life-changing programs to more than 40,000 young people across Australia.