Smooth waters for Leeuwin Family Adventure

In early April, Mount Hawthorn family Carol Crevacore (47) and daughter Siena Crevacore (14), stepped onboard the STS Leeuwin II to take part in it’s first Parent Project Voyage.

The Leeuwin Foundation joined forces with Relationships Australia WA to present a three-day voyage for family members to assist them to step outside their comfort zone and build stronger connections.

Carol wanted to take part in this voyage to experience something new with her daughter and is pleased that she took up the opportunity.

“The experience was so much more than I expected. It was an experience to treasure and reflect on,” says Carol.

The Leeuwin welcomed 13 different families for the ocean adventure. The youngest participants were aged 12 and all were accompanied by one or more parents.

Over the three days families left from Fremantle Port and were involved in all aspects of sailing. This included climbing aloft, setting the sails, steering the helm, taking part in night watches and cleaning activities.

The greatest accomplishment for the Crevacore family was completing the watch from 12am to 4am on deck, where participants were responsible for watching the ships course.

“Our biggest achievement was doing night watch. Keeping one another awake in order to complete the watch,” says Carol.

Two Relationships Australia WA representatives were onboard to discuss with the families how to stay connected and create open lines of communication.

Craig Van Waardenburg from Relationships Australia WA says he would recommend this to other families.

“It’s a unique and everything adventure. A terrific bonding experience,” says Craig.

Carol mentions that even though they took different things away from the voyage, herself and Siena both enjoyed it equally.

“I think we both did. My daughter loved it and I loved watching her have so much fun and rising to challenges,” says Carol.

Current plans for the next Parent Project are to be held in April 2018. Should you wish to participate please call the office on (08) 9430 4105.

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