Savvy maritime enthusiast crowdsources voyage sponsorship gap fare in just 3 days

Clarrie Campbell, a year 10 student from Applecross Senior High School, has recently returned from his second Youth Explorer voyage onboard STS Leeuwin II. His first voyage adventure was in May, sailing from Monkey Mia to Fremantle. His second, from Monkey Mia to Exmouth, was in June 2021.

As a young WA resident who is passionate about the maritime industry, Clarrie was a perfect candidate for this program. He was successful in securing a Woodside sponsorship and decided to raise the gap fare. Clarrie took the initiative to set up a GoFundMe page and in just three days, he reached his goal.

Onboard the voyages, Clarrie was part of a watch group and got involved in a range of activities including climbing the masts, which was a huge achievement that allowed him to overcome his fear of heights. He also learnt what life is like onboard a ship, being in tune with the natural environment, and learning to live and work with new people in close quarters.

The Woodside sponsorship program gave Clarrie the chance to fulfill his childhood dream of sailing onboard a ship. Faced with the different activities and challenges of the voyage allowed Clarrie to build invaluable life skills, self-awareness, and confidence in his abilities as a leader and teammate that will stay with him throughout his education and future career.

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure is grateful for the ongoing support of Woodside, helping young voyagers experience life onboard STS Leeuwin II achieve their goals. Along with his friends from the voyages, Clarrie is keen to come back again as a voyage trainee again next year and go on day sails in summer as a member of the volunteer crew. We look forward to welcoming him back on board in the future.

“Thank you so much for helping me participate in this amazing experience. I pushed myself to be more self-reliant and get over my fear of heights. I made lots of new friends and became closer to ones I already knew.” – Clarrie Campbell

Leeuwin Youth Explorer voyages foster personal development in young people. Sail training is a positive and powerful experience encouraging voyage participants to confront and conquer demanding physical and emotional challenges. It’s an activity that inspires self-confidence and the acceptance of personal responsibility, promotes an acceptance of others, and develops a willingness to take controlled risks.

To find out more about joining our voyage programs and sponsorship opportunities through the generous support of Woodside Energy, click here. To learn more about opportunities to fund yourself or cover the gap fare of a sponsorship, click here.