Owen Goes for Gold

Owen Taylor-Williams is a volunteer on the Leeuwin and first took part in The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award in 2013.

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award is a youth development program which empowers young Australians to reach their potential and find their purpose and passion. The Award offers international currency and credibility, and involves three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and four sections (Physical Recreation, Skills, Voluntary Service, Adventurous Journey).

Through the programs and volunteering opportunities provided at Leeuwin as well as other organisations, Owen achieved his Gold Award in 2017.

To complete the Voluntary Service Section of his Award, Owen sailed on a Leeuwin Youth Explorer Voyage along the southwest coast of Australia with a total of 56 crew members. As a volunteer crew member, Owen described the voyage “an experience of a lifetime”, and a chance for him to meet new people, and work on his leadership skills by teaching them to sail.

“I learnt a lot about teamwork as setting the sails requires a dozen crew to climb the masts and unfurl the sails, 33 metres above deck, in all kinds of weather. I learned to rely on my fellow crew members, all preparing for the unexpected and working in close confines. I quickly learned that I could do much more than I initially thought possible.”

Owen is an active Leeuwin volunteer, who has become a Watch Leader, and continues to relish the experience of tall ship sail training.

To learn more about Owen’s Duke of Ed journey, visit https://dukeofed.com.au/story/making-it-count-owens-award-story/

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