Malcolm Hay Voyage Scholarship Fund

About the Malcolm Hay Voyage Scholarship Fund

STS Leeuwin II founder Dr Malcolm Hay created something remarkable, unique and enduring for Western Australian youth.

STS Leeuwin II is a testament to Malcolm Hay’s vision and passion.

Since STS Leeuwin II was mere lines on a page, the vision to provide a unique, challenging and inspiring development program for young people has been kept alive through the contribution of hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours and the generous support of sponsors and donors.

Countless lives have and will continue to be influenced by his legacy. Your donation to the Malcolm Hay Scholarship Fund will help young men and women from across Western Australia to experience the extraordinary, build skills for life and understand the true meaning of adventure.

Empowering WA Youth

Dr Malcolm Hay set out to build a ship that would change young people’s lives – give them the courage to step into the unknown and grasp every opportunity offered to them and the confidence to be who and what they want to be in life.

The Malcolm Hay Scholarship Fund will create opportunities for young people to take up the challenge to be the best that they can be.

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation Limited is a registered charity. Thank you for supporting the spirit of Leeuwin.

Donations over $2.00 are fully tax deductible.

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