Leeuwin Invitation to Trade Group Training Associations

Using the power of sail training to influence positive change and development in young people studying trade apprenticeships, Leeuwin Ocean Adventure have invited trade group associations to partner in a new joint collaboration for their young employees.

Whether starting out in the workforce, changing careers or returning to work the traditional employment system is changing, and Leeuwin provides a fresh option for employee growth, development and / or incentive.

Leeuwin Chief Engineer Mark Wright (29) is an example of how the partnership has a positive impact on youth in the trade industry.

Following his first voyage in 2006 in collaboration with the Trade Group Automotive Institute of Technology Inc (formally Motor Industry Training Association) who were offering his apprenticeship, Mark returned to volunteer in the Leeuwin program.

“As a Leeuwin volunteer I was able to discover a whole new social network of amazing people and a really inclusive and supportive environment.”

“I was lucky to have a workshop foreman who saw the value in allowing me to take paid and often unpaid leave to volunteer while I was an apprentice,” he said.

Mark quickly made his way along the Leeuwin volunteer pathway as casual, deck hand and became a Watch Leader in 2008. After finishing his trade, Mark was offered employment as Engineer in 2013 and Chief Engineer earlier this year.

“After a couple more voyages I started appreciating the world of tall ships and sailing, but also the development we see in participants and volunteers over time.”

The unfamiliar social and physical environment on board Leeuwin provides an ideal opportunity for habitual patterns of thinking and behaviour to be interrupted.

There are two parts to the Trade Group Association opportunity:

  1. Refit Volunteer hours to encourage skills based training for apprentices.
  2. Part Sponsorship of an employee for employers to encourage soft skill learning for the workplace.

Mark endorses the Trade Group Association opportunity and hopes other apprentices can benefit from the Leeuwin program, just as he has.

“Leeuwin has always been almost a second home to me. The support and opportunities that I’ve been given have been incredible.”

“By volunteering at the Leeuwin you are able to further develop your confidence, empathy and understanding of others which is extremely useful when applied to customer service roles or teaching/instructing younger apprentices,” said Mark.

The Leeuwin aims to enrich the lives of young people through adventure, participation and challenge onboard Western Australia’s very own tall ship, the STS Leeuwin II and is funded through the sale of voyages, a combination of grants, corporate sponsorships and donations by organisations and the general public.

Since 1986, the Leeuwin has provided exciting and life-changing programs to more than 40,000 young people across Australia.

For more information on the Trade Group Association opportunity please email office@sailleeuwin.com or call (08) 9430 4105.