Erin embarks on a trip of a lifetime thanks to Woodside

Recently, Comet Bay College, year 9 student Erin Ward embarked on an adventure of a lifetime as part of a Leeuwin Youth Explorer program.

The first day on board saw Erin be designated into her watch group with eight other people. The scene was set by the team leaders as to what she could expect over coming days and the running of the ship. Being on a ship means living in close quarters, learning to live, work and learn alongside people you’ve only just met and facing the challenges of an entirely new environment.

Erin, along with her team, discovered how to sail the ship, steer the helm and raise the sails. Importantly, all these activities fed into the development of teamwork and leadership skills – a significant character-building element of joining a Leeuwin voyage.

Erin made it to the top of the main mast, soaring 33 metres from the deck, giving her a whole new perspective and view that only those who have been on STS Leeuwin II can truly understand. You can read more about Erin’s adventures on the majestic Leeuwin by going here.

“Sailing onboard the Leeuwin was definitely an opportunity of a lifetime, and I would do it again without hesitation. I would recommend it to anyone to give it a go, you would not regret it. I would like to thank Mrs Hunt at Comet Bay College, Tyler at Soldier On and Woodside for giving me such an amazing opportunity, and a lifelong learning experience that I will never forget.” Erin said.

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