Cody’s Shave Wars – Return of the Chin!

Palmyra local Cody McDermott is saying goodbye to his much-loved ginger beard on Friday 14 September to raise funds for two charities close to his heart.

Cody is a 2018 Woodside Cadet with Leeuwin Ocean Adventure and has spent a large part of his year on board the STS Leeuwin II.

“As a 2018 Woodside Cadet, I’ve had the most incredible opportunity to become a part of the Leeuwin crew and be trained as a watch leader, learn about navigation and engineering and spend a year on the ship developing innumerable skills and friendships that will last an age,” explained Cody.

“With everything that the Woodside Cadetship has given me, I really just want to be able to give something back. So that I can support Leeuwin Ocean Adventure and show appreciation for the support that they have given me, I’ve decided that I’m going to take the plunge and shave this beard which I’m so attached to,” said Cody.

Cody is aiming to raise a total of $5000, with $2500 going towards Leeuwin Ocean Adventure and $2500 towards Leukaemia Foundation to help families and individuals in their greatest hours of need.

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure’s Chief Executive Officer, Carol Shannon, said the organisation was incredibly proud of Cody.

“Cody is a well-deserving recipient of a 2018 Woodside Energy Cadetship – he is a hardworking, compassionate and a valued member of the Leeuwin team,” Carol said.

“Congratulations to Cody on this fantastic fundraising initiative – it will certainly be strange seeing him without his beard!”

Cody will be shedding his much-loved beard  at Leeuwin Ocean Adventure’s Volunteer Awards Night, with his fellow Leeuwin volunteers cheering him on.