Call for Ultimate Challenge Support Participants

Leeuwin Ultimate Challenge Bigger and Better in 2018

Last week, successful participants for the Leeuwin Ultimate Challenge, a five-day adventure specifically designed for young participants (14 years and over) with sensory, intellectual or physical disability, were announced.

The voyage runs from 31 January – 4 February 2018 and each of the 24 participants applied from September – November 2017. Applications were assessed by the Leeuwin Ultimate Challenge Medical Committee.

The Leeuwin has partnered with a number of disability services agencies over the next three years.

Leeuwin CEO Carol Shannon speaks about the new partnerships.

“As the only program of its kind in Australia, Leeuwin is thrilled that we have so many new and enthusiastic partners come onboard for the 2018 Ultimate Challenge,” she said.

“This is fantastic news for future Ultimate Challenge participants. We’d like to really thank Rocky Bay Inc, One2One, Nulsen Disability Services, Anglicare, Community Vision, Mosaic, Activ Foundation and IdentityWA for coming on board without hesitation!” she continued.

Each agency has committed to identifying and supporting a person with disability from within their network each year for three years, who would benefit from participation on a voyage – a person who has shown a willingness and desire to try new things; a person who wants to continue to improve their skills; a person whose commitment to themselves and others can be rewarded by a great experience.

Call for Support Participants

In addition, each of our new partners has committed to partial sponsorship of voyage support participants. The voyage is physically and emotionally challenging but the 24 voyage participants are well supported by 16 allied health professionals who actively participate in the voyage and are on hand to provide extra support and encouragement. The team is fully supported by an onboard medical practitioner.

Leeuwin is still calling for allied health professionals who wish to assist in a support participant position to apply today. The subsidised fare amount for these places is just $900.

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure is an award winning provider of personal development and leadership programs that provides key life skills for young people aged 14-25 that they will take into their studies, careers and community.

Since 1986, the Leeuwin has provided exciting and life-changing programs to more than 40,000 young people across Australia.

The voyages aim to challenge and inspire young people to realise their personal potential and make a positive contribution to the wider community.

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