Brent cooks up a storm for voyage fundraiser

Brent Studman (16) is hitting the kitchen to raise money for his Leeuwin Youth Explorer Voyage.

The Prendiville Catholic College student’s impressive drive and entrepreneurial spirit have raised over $900 towards his voyage in September.

Brent was awarded a sponsorship from Woodside Energy, covering 75% of his voyage fare, but needed to raise the remaining $700 to participate in the voyage.

“My plan was to bake slabs of apple slice and sell them at $3 a piece or $30 for a slab of 12. The ingredients cost is $9 to make 1 apple pie slab. So my profit is $21 per slab I make.”

Working closely with the team at Leeuwin Ocean Adventure, Brent developed a fundraising plan of attack. He has sold his famous apple slice in his school staff room, at his Mum’s workplace, and even his Manager at McDonalds has ordered a slab!

In the first two weeks of his fundraiser, Brent sold over 400 pieces of apple slice. To date, Brent has raised an impressive $984 – that’s 41 slabs of apple slice, or 492 slices!

“I’ve taken 60 orders from 60 different people. I’ve actually exceeded my fundraising goal already and am putting any extra funds towards my next voyage!”

“I feel very lucky to be given the opportunity to sail on the Leeuwin Youth Explorer Voyage this October. I’m extremely grateful for the sponsorship that Woodside has given me. Having this opportunity to sail on the Leeuwin and complete my workplace learning through the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation, I feel that I’m finally on the right path to working towards what I really want to do.”

“I’m very excited to take part on the Leeuwin voyage and learn so much about the maritime industry as I see myself working in this field in the future. Not only will I gain so much experience I will be also be given a unit credit that will go towards my WACE results on completion of the voyage. I’m excited for what opportunities may come up following this voyage and in the future.”

When asked what fundraising tips he would give other students looking to raise their voyage fare, Brent said picking something you enjoy was really important.

“If you pick something you enjoy, like baking apple slice, it can be really fun! It’s important to set a fundraising goal, write it down, and work towards it over time.”

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure CEO, Carol Shannon, said she was incredibly impressed with Brent’s fundraising efforts.

“Brent has really driven this fundraising himself – from idea generation to the fundraising plan and rollout. He is a fantastic role model for other students looking to raise their own voyage fare. Congratulations Brent!”