After a 10-year hiatus, the Leeuwin will set sail in northern WA

Towns in the north of Western Australia are set to welcome back Fremantle based tall ship, STS Leeuwin II. Leeuwin II is Australia’s largest sail training tall ship vessel. The ship has not sailed WA’s northern waters for well over a decade but demand for unique adventure opportunities, and positive results from similar voyages in the south of WA, has meant the ship’s operator, Western Australian registered charity Leeuwin Ocean Adventure, is excited to again offer northern voyages.

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure CEO, Carol Shannon said the new voyage offerings would provide opportunities for adults looking for a personal challenge and youth looking to develop life skills including resilience, accountability, communication, problem solving, teamwork and the values of good leadership, while sailing the beautiful northern seas of WA.

“We are thrilled to be offering voyages in northern coastal waters once more, with over 40,000 people having sailing on the vessel since the late 1980’s, many of the early voyage participants are now well into their 40’s and over. They may look to retrace their steps or send their children on an adventure.

“The Coral Coast and Pilbara has changed a lot since we were last there and already, we feel the excitement of the ship’s return,” said Ms Shannon.

“Everyone planning a voyage on Leeuwin can expect to have an experience of a life-time. They should be prepared to be part of the voyage, there is no such thing as a passenger on Leeuwin – everyone is engaged in the 24-hour operation of the ship, from setting sails, furling sails aloft, taking the helm, hauling on lines, standing watch and making sure the ship is in order at the start of each day. It is an extraordinary adventure, never forgotten,” said Ms Shannon.

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure sailed the waters of Albany in 2019 as a first step in returning to regional offerings with the voyage leading to a partnership with Great Southern Grammar in Albany as well as opening opportunities for students from Denmark, Albany, Mount Barker and others within the region.

“We expect Leeuwin will be as warmly welcomed in northern reaches of Western Australia as it was in the south and look forward to welcoming youth, men and women – future sailors, mariners and adventurers alike onto the ship.”\

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