2018 Leeuwin Woodside Cadets Announced

Last week, interviews for the 2018 Leeuwin Woodside Cadetship were held by CEO Carol Shannon, Captain Sarah Robinson and Woodside Energy Marine Assurance Specialist Zubin Bhada.

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure are pleased to announce the appointment of our new cadets Cody McDermott (22), Elsemieke Marren (20)  and Lachlan Chaytor (18).

The program aims to encourage entry by young people into the maritime industry sector and the new cadetship period begins annually on 1st March 2018.

At the end of each year the three cadets will have gained qualifications which include a Master <24m, Marine Engine Driver (MED 2), STCW95 Certificate of Safety Training, AMSA Certificate of Medical Fitness, sea service and oral assessment requirements conducted by WA Department of Transport and on the job training, work experience and support.

CEO Carol Shannon speaks about the excitement within the team.

“While the 2017 Woodside Leeuwin cadets complete the final stages of their cadetship at college, undertaking their MEDII course, our 2018 cadets are due to start their new journey,” she explained.

“As always, it was a very competitive field and we congratulate Lachlan, Elsemieke and Cody on their success.”

“This outstanding program, now in its fourth year and fully funded by Woodside Energy, prepares young people for a career at sea. The program is proving an exceptional success and we commend Brad Moyle, Scott Suffling and Callum Hindhaugh on the completion of their year with us and wish them every success for a brilliant maritime future,” she finished.

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