Day Sail Q&A

Where should I park?

Long-term parking are available around STS Leeuwin II berth and at Victoria Quay:

  • Zone 3 dedicated all-day parking areas near C and D Sheds costs $10 a day (plus 0.8% surcharge for credit/debit cards).
  • 4 hours parking outside A and B Shed (tip: for this option, select 3 hour parking, then add an additional 1 hour (far right button on machine)).

What should I bring?

All Day Sail passengers need to wear enclosed shoes!

We recommend bringing a wind-proof jacket and a hat. We provide sunscreen on board the vessel.

Is there any food?

The Leeuwin Chef will prepare a range of light snacks throughout the sail. Tea, coffee, and water will be available in the galley. If weather permits, food and refreshments will be offered on deck; or head to the main saloon to eat and drink. No alcohol is permitted on board.

What should I expect to do?

STS Leeuwin II is run by permanent crew members, as well as volunteers. So there is no expectation that you participate in sailing operations. You can sit on deck and absorb the unique atmosphere on board a tall-ship. A tour of the ship will be offered for those interested.

However, if you want to be involved, the Captain may let you join in the crew with activities such as hauling the lines, taking the helm or climbing the bowsprit.

Where do we go?

The Captain will head out of the harbour and pick the best direction for sailing due to wind and weather conditions. We never go as far as Rottnest for Day Sail. But the experience is as memorable!

Will I get seasick?

Navigating a ship like STS Leeuwin II may create some discomfort to some passengers on-board, such as seasickness. But if you are prone to motion sickness, non-drowsy seasickness tablets are widely available. Don’t let this stop you!

Are there bathroom facilities on-board?

Yes. The ship has flushing toilets for both males and females. Prior to departure, the B Shed café offers standard public bathroom facilities.

How many people can fit on a 3-hour sail?

STS Leeuwin II can fit up to 130 passengers on a 3-hour sail.

For large group bookings, contact us in advance to ensure everyone has a place on-board.

The Leeuwin Foundation requires names of all booked passengers, in compliance with AMSA safety regulations under AMSA and the Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

If you are interested to hire the ship for a private functions, get in touch today. Our clients include large corporations and small businesses.

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