Voyages Q&A

What you may want to know…

What should I leave at home?

  • Mobile phones, laptops—any electronic devices that could become a distraction won’t be permitted on-board.
  • SLR cameras or any camera which can’t be secured, and may become a hazard when you climb aloft.

But we take hundreds of photos throughout the voyage, and will offer you the option to purchase for $20 a unique branded Leeuwin USB when returning to port.

Where should I park or be dropped off?

If your voyage is departing from or arriving into STS Leeuwin II’s home port of Fremantle:

Long-term parking is available at B-Berth and more generally at Victoria Quay:

  • Zone 3 dedicated all-day parking areas near C and D Sheds costs $10 a day (plus 0.8% surcharge for credit/debit cards).
  • 4 hours parking outside A and B Sheds (tip: for this option, select 3 hour parking, then add an additional 1 hour (far right button on machine)).

If your voyage is departing from or arriving into ports other then Fremantle, please check local parking arrangements.

What time does boarding start?

  • For voyages departing from Fremantle, final boarding time is 10 am. You need to be at Leeuwin’s office at B-Shed no later than 9:45 am.
  • Arrival time for voyages returning to Fremantle is approximately 11:30 am, depending on shipping movements.
  • Trainees will stay on-board for 30 mn before leaving the ship.
  • For regional voyages, the arrival time, departure times and locations will be emailed a month prior to departure.
Always check the departure time on the email confirming your booking!

Once on board you will be allocated your bunk and the equipment you need for your voyage. You will then have an initial briefing about your voyage and complete safety training before having lunch on board, alongside the wharf. The ship will depart the wharf at approximately 3 pm. The departure time may vary due to shipping movements in the port.

Allow time to purchase gloves, hats or any of our branded merchandising before boarding. A small selection of merchandise is carried on board.

Do you offer transport to regional ports?

Bus transportation to regional ports might be offered as an option, with prices varying upon destination. This information will be provided to you as part of our booking process.

What to expect on board?

  • Navigating the ship and taking the helm
  • Setting and furling the sails
  • Climbing the masts and working aloft
  • Meeting new people and building new friendships
  • Doing things you never thought you could do
  • Great food!*

Weather and wind conditions, the watch roster and ship positioning affects the schedule so there is never a dull moment!

Watch organisation

While on board STS Leeuwin II, you will be allocated to a watch (or team). Your Watch Leader will lead activities and your involvement in ship duties throughout the voyage. When you are on Duty Watch, the members of your Watch will take turns as lookout, helmsperson and navigator.

At all times of the day and night, a group is on watch duty.

Can my family or friends get in touch with me while I’m at sea?

No, sorry they can’t. You are under the care of the Captain and crew.

In case of emergency, your emergency contact on shore will be advised immediately.

Can my family and friends track STS Leeuwin II while I’m at sea?

Yes! By visiting and bookmarking this link.

What’s not on while on board?

On your voyage, we do not tolerate:

  • offensive behaviour which includes unwelcome comments, jokes and/or actions
  • offensive language
  • violence either physical or verbal
  • material of an explicit or obscene nature
  • alcohol, illegal drugs or cigarettes


Shared cabins, each accommodating six to eight people, divided by gender. A plastic covered mattress and pillow is provided for your bunk.

There are two communal bathrooms, also divided by gender.

The Main Saloon is where you come together with your Watch and other voyage participants for meals, to play board games or maybe pick up the guitar. It is beautifully lined with timber and has a comprehensive library. You will feel like you are in another world, in times past!

About the ship

We invite you to read and learn about STS Leeuwin II’s history and specifications here.

About the crew

On each voyage, the ship accommodates up to 40 participants and always sails with 15 crew members (five professional crew and ten volunteers). The permanent crew consists of the Captain, First Mate, Bosun, Engineer and Chef.

All Leeuwin’s crew have had extensive maritime experience and are highly qualified professional mariners. The permanent crew are assisted by trained volunteers who fill the positions of Watch Leaders, Cook’s Mate, Bosun’s Mate, Purser and on occasions Watch Officer. Our volunteers are generally young people who have joined us on a voyage and come back to join us on voyages to continue their learning and development and because they love helping new voyage participants get the most from their first voyage experience.

Find out about STS Leeuwin II crew and cadets here.

Packing list

Info & Tips

  • Comfortable clothing is a must
  • Space is limited so please only bring a soft bag (no suitcases).
  • The ship provides wet weather clothing (all sizes), safety harnesses, a mattress and pillow.
  • Avoid excessively tight or baggy clothing which may be restrictive during activities such as climbing aloft. Your clothes may get dirty, so bring older clothes
  • The reflection from the water, the deck and the exposure to the wind can result in sunburn: protect yourself! We recommend long sleeve cotton shirts. Sunscreen is provided on-board.

The essentials

  • A selection of clothing (warm days and cool nights)
  • 2-3 shirts (you are wearing a harness, so a collar helps)
  • 2 jumpers or more
  • 2 pairs loose fitting pants (skirts and dresses are inappropriate)
  • 2 pairs shorts – no short shorts (keep them climbing appropriate)
  • 2 pair of enclosed shoes – 1 pair suitable for getting wet (no thongs)
  • Underwear
  • A small towel
  • Toiletries
  • A hat with a strap or tight cap
  • Lip balm
  • Sunglasses and strap
  • Water bottle
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillowcase
  • Single bed flat sheet

Most of all – pack your sense of adventure and a willingness to get involved and do things you’ve never done before. Bring an open mind to the opportunities you’ll be offered and a can-do attitude. The more you put in – the more you will gain from your fantastic adventure on STS Leeuwin II.


  • A note pad and pen
  • Some money to purchase merchandise on board, including hats and gloves
  • A camera which can and must be secured, such as a GoPro