Funding Tips

So you are considering signing up for a voyage –or have signed up already (congratulations!!). You are now wondering how to fund your adventure. Be reassured, we have options for you.

As well as being a unique and fun adventure where you will be immersed in practical group activities, a Leeuwin Voyage is a personal journey where you can learn new skills, challenge yourself, stretch your views, and shift your way of being to become stronger, as an adult and for life. This is your individual learning goal.

Such life experience doesn’t start braving the high sea, but ashore. Invaluable lessons could be learnt trying to resolve your main problem:

How will I fund my Leeuwin adventure?

If you want to secure money from people around you, from businesses in your town or from organisations distributing funds, you must step back and articulate to them WHY. Why should they support you? It is project management 101. Let’s start!

Before contacting us for support, it is important that you start the process yourself.

Step 1: layout the project

Create a new file on your computer, a new note on your smart phone–or scribble on a piece of paper, and start writing:

Something about you

  • What are you doing? Which sport or arts do you do? What do you study? Etc.
  • What is a cool activity you do? Reading books, skateboarding. Etc.
  • What are your strengths? What can your friends or family count on you for?
  • What are your weaknesses? What can’t your friends or family count on you for?

Something about your dream

  • What is missing? Share something about this dream, whatever that is.
  • What prevents you from realising it? It could be money, but often there is more to it. Think about it and share.
  • Could you think of other ways? Write down other options to achieve this same dream.

Something about a Leeuwin Voyage

  • What is it about it? Research and present information about the voyage you wish to undertake.
  • How much does it cost? Include your contribution to the total cost.
  • How would you benefit from participating? Consider the positive impact the voyage will have on you. 

Something for your sponsor

  • What do you need from your sponsor/s? Consider covering a portion of the full amount, to show your determination.
  • What are the benefits for your sponsor/s? Detail what they would gain, what you could give back in exchange for their support (E.g. exposure on social media, a report hearing your point of view –something useful for what they do)

Something about your timeline

  • Set a timeline against the departure date
  • Breakdown your timeline in smaller milestones or achievable goals

Step 2: Write your pitch

Using your notes:

  • Write a short text summarising why people should sponsor you.
  • Test and practise your pitch with friends or in front of a mirror.
  • Take a good photo illustrating your dream, or contact us to select one from our Leeuwin library.

Get in touch

Step 3: Choose your options

  1. Start saving: If you have a part time job stash $200 of savings every fortnight.  At this rate by 6 months you’ll have $2,400 saved. That means spare cash of $50 (to perhaps get a pair of sailing gloves on board).
  2. Get the word out: approach family and friends of the family, and present them with your pitch. Use social media as well.
  3. Start a crowd-funding campaign: you would be surprised on the number of your favourite YouTubers who started that way. Platforms like PozibleGoFundMe or ReadyFundGo are super easy to use and set up your campaign. Invite friends and family to check it out and transfer funds safely and securely. Link to your social media channels from there too.
  4. Apply for Leeuwin sponsorship. Different options, different criteria, limited spots available.

Step 4: Contact us

  • For support going through these in preparation for your voyage.
  • To celebrate your achievement having secured the fund for your voyage on-board STS Leeuwin II

Contact us

Meet Amy

In February 2018, Fremantle local Amy Kirke (24) raised funds for Leeuwin Ocean Adventure by swimming solo to Rottnest in honour of her grandfather, Neville Lord.

Amy’s goal was to raise $1,500 to part sponsor a youth for a Leeuwin voyage. She was pleased when her final tally in came in at $2,241.

She raised support from her local gym, local yoga studio, swim squad and held a supporter’s brunch and ship tour on STS Leeuwin II along with online donations. Amy started six months out from her swim and did an amazing job in fundraising.

Ms Kirke chose to honour her grandfather in raising these funds as he was a valued volunteer of the not for profit organisation.

When he retired and wasn’t able to sail anymore he found his way to Leeuwin Ocean Adventure. He began volunteering in the shed just doing odd jobs for boat maintenance, but he absolutely loved every minute of it.

There are many lessons that Mr Lord taught his granddaughter which she used to push through her solo crossing.

He taught me to always strive towards what I was passionate about, and he believed in me in such a way that makes me think I could do anything.

Amy’s scholarship is applicable to a youth aged 14-25 that have an economic, social or geographical limitation that prevents them from joining a voyage. An interest in a career in the marine environment or maritime industry is preferable for the candidate, but not essential.