Fund Yourself


Join the fun of a Leeuwin Youth Explorer Voyage. We’ve broken things down and mapped out a plan for you to get onboard! It’s going to be ship-loads of fun and rewarding so let’s get started.

5 tips to start funding yourself

Set your timeline

Be realistic! We think it’s best to give yourself 6 months to reach your savings goal.

Think about what you want from the voyage

With this in mind you can talk confidently to friends and family and answer any of their questions. This shows them you are really passionate about coming on board. Answer questions to yourself like: What are you looking forward to? or What will you be doing onboard? (check out our program for handy responses).

Get the word out

What an awesome gig you’ve taken on – to fund your own Leeuwin journey. People would love to hear how you heard about it, why you’re excited to jump on and how they can help you. So we say, start chatting online and in person to let people know!

Start saving

If you have a part time job stash $200 of savings every fortnight.  At this rate by 6 months you’ll have $2,400 saved. That means spare cash of $150 to get merchandise onboard.

Start fundraising

Start a GoFundMe Campaign online for friends and family to directly transfer funds safely and securely. It’s also easy for you to link this webpage on Facebook for support.


Our current Leeuwin volunteer Max, from Geraldton, first started his Fund Yourself journey in 2015.

Max got a job at Red Rooster and asked his parents and grandparents to match every dollar he earned. This way everyone he contributed to the voyage fare but was able to speed up the process.

Max worked one day a week saving $50 each shift. By the end of 5 months he’d saved up enough for his adventure onboard.

By earning the money himself Max says, “It made me want to enjoy it more and try harder, because of that it felt more rewarding.”

He’s back volunteering this June onboard the Monkey Mia to Geraldton voyage and can’t wait to return.

“It was amazing by the end of the trip the whole group felt like family you make some really good friends. I was one of the youngest on my trip but it didn’t matter I still had the same responsibilities as everyone else. Plus I don’t get sea sick so that was good,” he says.

Max says the top tip he has for participants wanting to save up is to print the money you’ve saved to make it something tangible.

“I also had a jar that I put fake 50 dollar notes in to help visualise the amount. There’s something refreshing about seeing the money that you have earned instead of only in your account,” he says.