Fund Yourself


Join the fun of a Leeuwin Youth Explorer Voyage. We’ve broken things down and mapped out a plan for you to get onboard! It’s going to be ship-loads of fun and rewarding so let’s get started.

5 tips to start funding yourself

Set your timeline

Be realistic! We think it’s best to give yourself 6 months to reach your savings goal.

Think about what you want from the voyage

With this in mind you can talk confidently to friends and family and answer any of their questions. This shows them you are really passionate about coming on board. Answer questions to yourself like: What are you looking forward to? or What will you be doing onboard? (check out our program for handy responses).

Get the word out

What an awesome gig you’ve taken on – to fund your own Leeuwin journey. People would love to hear how you heard about it, why you’re excited to jump on and how they can help you. So we say, start chatting online and in person to let people know!

Start saving

If you have a part time job stash $200 of savings every fortnight.  At this rate by 6 months you’ll have $2,400 saved. That means spare cash of $150 to get merchandise onboard.

Start fundraising

Start a GoFundMe Campaign online for friends and family to directly transfer funds safely and securely. It’s also easy for you to link this webpage on Facebook for support.


In February 2018, Fremantle local Amy Kirke (24) raised funds for Leeuwin Ocean Adventure by swimming solo to Rottnest in honour of her grandfather, Neville Lord.

Amy’s goal was to raise $1,500 to part sponsor a youth for a Leeuwin voyage. She was pleased when her final tally in came in at $2,241.

She raised support from her local gym, local yoga studio, swim squad and held a supporter’s brunch and ship tour on STS Leeuwin II along with online donations. Amy started six months out from her swim and did an amazing job in fundraising.

Ms Kirke chose to honour her Grandfather in raising these funds as he was a valued volunteer of the not for profit organisation.

“When he retired and wasn’t able to sail anymore he found his way to Leeuwin Ocean Adventure. He began volunteering in the shed just doing odd jobs for boat maintenance, but he absolutely loved every minute of it,” she says.

There are many lessons that Mr Lord taught his granddaughter which she used to push through her solo crossing.

“He taught me to always strive towards what I was passionate about, and he believed in me in such a way that makes me think I could do anything.”

Amy’s scholarship is applicable to a youth aged 14-25 that have an economic, social or geographical limitation that prevents them from joining a voyage. An interest in a career in the marine environment or maritime industry is preferable for the candidate, but not essential.