Future Connect


DEPARTS: Fremantle

ARRIVAL: Fremantle

WHO: 16-25 years old


Leeuwin Ocean Adventure is actively seeking funding sources to run this voyage program in 2024

Experience life changing moments

The Future Connect voyage brings together youth aged 16-25 from a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CaLD) or refugee background as well as youth raised here in WA. The unique experience looks to expose young West Australians from different ethnic backgrounds to other cultures and perspectives in order to strengthen cross-cultural ties in our community.

Once aboard, all 40 participants are encouraged to take part in various challenging activities designed to test their limits and build their courage, communication and team work skills. Participants will ultimately be responsible for sailing the ship, including navigating, setting and furling the sails, climbing the masts and working aloft and standing watch through the night.

Past Future Connect voyages have been a huge success, with life changing moments for participants who joined our inaugural voyage.

As part of its mission to strengthen our community, the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure will continue to support Western Australians from a CaLD or refugee background to join young people raised in WA to come together and experience a Leeuwin adventure.

Future Connect is supported by the McCusker Charitable Foundation, the Sir Frank Ledger Charitable Trust, Woodside Energy and Leeuwin Ocean Adventure’s Captain’s Fund.

The Future Connect voyage was developed with help from:



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