Family Adventures


WHEN: 2 - 4 March 2019
DEPARTS: Fremantle
ARRIVAL: Fremantle
FARE: $650


2019 Voyage Details 

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Leeuwin Ocean Adventure and Relationships Australia WA have  joined forces to create an extraordinary and unique family voyage experience right here in Fremantle. 

Pack a few clothes, your sleeping bag and maybe your favourite pillow and make sure your 2019 March long weekend isn’t wasted with chores around the house and garden.

Our experienced facilitators will support you to strengthen your family connections and get your family’s communication channels thrown open in a safe, supportive and incredibly fun environment. Be prepared to do things you never thought were possible, finding strength in each other to climb the rigging, steer the ship and stand watch through the night. You’ll be challenged, you’ll be tired but most of all you’ll be exhilarated having shared a simply amazing weekend together!

In 2018, the Family Connect voyage was supported by:




This fantastic, unique family adventure adventure is open to participants aged 12+, with one or two parents / grandparents / carers.

Please note, each voyage participant must fill in an application form.



Voyage Schedule

2019 Voyages
2 Mar - 4 Mar
Departs: Fremantle
Arrival: Fremantle


“Our Family Connect journey which I have to say, was truly amazing, and an eye opener for both myself, partner and our two boys.  As a result our “chalk and cheese” boys became so much more connected with each other – which will have a huge impact on our future as a family."

– Family Connect Participant, 2017