Career Challenge

WHEN: 6-12 Dec 2019

DEPARTS: Fremantle

ARRIVAL: Fremantle

FARE: $2,350

The power of sail training to influence positive change and development in young adults is well researched and documented. The unfamiliar social and physical environment on board Leeuwin provides an ideal opportunity to develop new patterns of thinking and behaviour. The combination of risk and fear will give you goose bumps!

Whether just starting out in the workforce, starting university, changing careers or returning to work post-study, we know young adults benefit from the Leeuwin voyage experience.

The world is a rapidly changing place and some of our young adults may secure jobs in the future that don’t even exist yet. Students today need to prepare for an uncertain future.

Leeuwin Ocean Adventure aims to enhance life skills for young adults so as they progress through their career they are confident to apply skills in collaboration, communication, leadership and problem-solving in the workplace.

With a new look at Australian Training Associations, Leeuwin Ocean Adventure invites nominations from these organisation to support and sponsor their young employees and apprentices. In 2018, it’s all about a brighter career path!

What participants gain:

  • Confidence, courage and self-awareness
  • Qualities of a good team leader and participant
  • Networks and friendships for their chosen career path
  • A hands-on tall-ship sailing adventure
  • An experience sailing from the Northern Gateway of Australia’s South West
  • Post voyage facilitated discussion by Craig Van Waardenburg
  • Meals, safety equipment and wet weather gear
  • A once in a lifetime opportunity!

The STS Leeuwin II is a working ship, so during the voyage you will be part of hands-on activities, from:

  • Navigating the ship and taking the helm
  • Setting and furling the sails
  • Climbing the masts and working aloft
  • Standing watch while sailing through the night

Download an application form and book your place on-board today!

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Applying tips

All voyages require you to complete a form. We will assess it, before confirming that you can join the voyage of your choice.

To facilitate the processing of your application, here are few important tips:

  • Forms are in PDF format and can be filled and send to us without printing them, using the free Acrobat Reader app: download it here.
  • Make sure to download the application form on your desktop, and open it using the free Acrobat Reader, before filling it in. Viewing the form in your browser won’t allow you to sign it off and submit!
  • Don’t take and email a photo of your application OR take the risk that it gets blocked as spam!
  • Rename your application file adding your name (Example: Application 2019 – Jenny Smith) and save.
  • Write your name in the subject line of your email when sending your application.
  • Expect a response from us within 2 weeks. If you don’t, please contact us.


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