Thanks to our generous sponsors, Leeuwin Ocean Adventure is able to offer sponsorship support to cover full or part of the voyage fare. Below is an overview of the sponsorship that are currently available. It is worth checking regularly to see if new scholarships have become available or sign up to our monthly newsletter below to receive updates straight to your inbox!

Our most heartfelt thanks that the Leeuwin has provided a chance for our grandson to learn and experience a once in a life time opportunity that we can only hope will open a new door for his future. It will be up to us and him to reap the greatest benefits from the Leeuwin’s graciousness.  I will wipe a small tear from my eye and say again, thank you. Boy I cannot wait to see his face when he reads this news.

— Grandparents of scholarship recipient, 2018

Tips for applicants

To facilitate the processing of your sponsorship application, here are few important tips:

  • Forms are in PDF format and can be filled and send to us without printing them, using the free Acrobat Reader app: download it here.
  • Make sure to download the application form to your desktop, open it using Acrobat Reader, before filling it in. Viewing the form in your browser won’t allow you to sign it off and submit!
  • Don’t take and email a photo of your application or take the risk that it gets blocked as spam!
  • Rename your application document before submitting, adding your name.
  • Write your name in the subject line of your email when sending your application.
  • Expect a response from us within 2 weeks. If you don’t, please contact us.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship for the 2019-2020 period

Maritime Adventurers 75% of full fare
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Ultimate Challenge $1,500
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Future Connect $2,350
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Youth Explorer $2,300
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Youth aged 14-25 $1,500
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Regional Youth Adventurers $2,050
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