Marine Careers

A voyage on STS Leeuwin II will provide you with valuable skills for your resume or portfolio for tertiary entrance. It will also demonstrate a strong commitment to your chosen career.

If you are interested in a career in the marine or maritime industries, with the generous support of Woodside Energy, we can help you get there.

Current STS Leeuwin II First Mate started her career with a Leeuwin voyage…

First Mate Angela Lewis story


Woodside Sponsorship

Woodside Energy is a long time supporter of Leeuwin’s voyage programs, acknowledging the benefits of our voyages for the development of young people.

Woodside Marine Career Pathway Sponsorship

The Woodside Marine Career Pathway Sponsorship supports young people aged 14-25, who reside in WA and who are interested in a career in the marine environment or the maritime industry, to join one of Leeuwin Ocean Adventure’s youth programs.

Marine and maritime careers include: naval engineering, naval architect, marine engineering, ocean engineering, shipwright or boat building, marine electrics, marine mechanics, marine tourism, marine biology, oceanography, career in the Navy and career in the fishing industry.

The Woodside Marine Career Pathway Sponsorship covers up to $1,500 of the full fee for a voyage, excluding the cost of transport to and from the ship.

If you are looking to complete Certificate III courses in Maritime Operations, the time at sea on your Leeuwin Ocean Adventure voyage, and should you return as a Leeuwin volunteer can all contribute to your sea-time. How good is that?


Woodside Cadetship Scholarship Program

Following a voyage, and based on a successful completion of the training program, some participants are invited to join the Leeuwin as volunteers. Every year, three of them aspiring for a career at sea, are offered the opportunity to secure a Woodside Cadetship Scholarship.

The Cadetships are a unique combination of fully funded study, on-the-job training and opportunities for work-experience with maritime operators in Fremantle. The training is designed to empower and enable young people to fulfil their sea service requirements and study at the same time, fully funded!

Woodside funds will assist to attain:

  • Certificate III Maritime Operations Master <24m near coastal
  • Certificate III Maritime Operations Marine Engine Driver (MED 2)
  • STCW95 Certificate of Safety training
  • AMSA Certificate of Medical Fitness
  • Sea service and oral assessment requirements 
  • On-the-job training and relevant work experience
  • Support from industry trained professionals

2018 Woodside Cadets

Woodside Sponsored Crew Exchange Program

Each year, up to three crew exchanges are offered to outstanding crew or volunteer crew for an experience on board another vessel.

This opportunity is awarded to those who sail on STS Leeuwin II and are interested in further developing their personal and professional skills.