Update as at 18 August 2021

Message from the CEO

We are so fortunate to live in Western Australia, where the impact of Covid-19 beyond the mid-2020 has been minimal.

Last year, Leeuwin Ocean Adventure did have to cancel 9 voyages and a number of day sails. This year, the lock-down periods have only affected one voyage program – and that was our Ultimate Challenge voyage back in February.  This was so very sad, as we only have one Ultimate Challenge voyage each year – our annual voyage for people with disability. However, mostly all of our intrepid sailors have signed up for the voyage in early 2022.

While we have been operating since September 2020, we still bear the financial scars of the closure of operations in March 2020.

But, we know how important STS Leeuwin II is to the Western Australian community. Almost 45,000 young people have sailed with us. We’ve expanded horizons, built resilience, facilitated life-long friendships and changed young peoples’ pathways.

Our focus continues to be on providing world class experiences for young people and working to secure the future of Leeuwin – to continue to do what we do so incredibly well.

As a community, country and world we know there’s still a little way to go before everything in our lives returns to anything like pre-Covid days. We also know there will continue to be difficult decisions that will have to be made. Please have confidence in our approach and the decisions we make to secure STS Leeuwin II for all Western Australians, now and into the future.

Carol Shannon
Chief Executive Officer


Leeuwin COVID-19 Declaration

Download our COVID-19 Declaration Form below:

The form is required before boarding the ship, and for any voyages.

Download Leeuwin COVID-19 Declaration Form