Fund Yourself


Join the fun of a Leeuwin Youth Explorer Voyage. We’ve broken things down and mapped out a plan for you to get onboard! It’s going to be ship-loads of fun and rewarding so let’s get started.

5 tips to start funding yourself

Set you timeline

Be realistic! We think it’s best to give yourself 6 months to reach your savings goal.

Think about what you want from the voyage

With this in mind you can talk confidently to friends and family and answer any of their questions. This shows them you are really passionate about coming on board. Answer questions to yourself like: What are you looking forward to? or What will you be doing onboard? (check out our program for handy responses).

Get the word out

What an awesome gig you’ve taken on – to fund your own Leeuwin journey. People would love to hear how you heard about it, why you’re excited to jump on and how they can help you. So we say, start chatting online and in person to let people know!

Start saving

If you have a part time job stash $200 of savings every fortnight.  At this rate by 6 months you’ll have $2,400 saved. That means spare cash of $150 to get merchandise onboard.

Start fundraising

Start a GoFundMe or Indiegogo Campaign online for friends and family to directly transfer funds safely and securely. It’s also easy for you to link this webpage on Facebook for support.

MEET LEXIFund Yourself

Lexi started her self-funded campaign early in 2016 as a fifteen year old. She has now been on a week-long voyage with the STS Leeuwin II as a participant and since returned as a volunteer.

It took Lexi six months with an all-in attitude to save up for her voyage with a little extra help from her parents.

Lexi got a part-time job working a couple of days a week. She opened up her own bank account and put 40% of her pay away each fortnight.

She really suggests getting an Online Saver account or asking your parents to look after the savings so you won’t be tempted to spend it. Lexi says it’s a great trick because you don’t have a bank card for it.

During her six months savings blitz, Lexi even treated herself to a camera. It’s a great idea to have a mini goal in between to ensure you’re having fun too.

Lexi always wanted to go on a Leeuwin Youth Explorer Voyage and with her awesome determination, didn’t find it hard to save. She knew it would all be worth it!

She says, “The most memorable part of the voyage for me was making friends, friends that I’m still in contact with now, 6 months after the voyage.”