Weekend Leadership

Get a taste of life at sea

Weekend Leadership voyages are about getting a taste of life at sea – but more importantly they are about combining leadership theory with really practical, hands on experience working in a team and learning the values of good leadership.

This unique Leeuwin voyage aims to provide a short, power-packed experience for students in a unique environment, at sea on the magnificent STS Leeuwin II – Australia’s largest sail training tall ship.

The program

Before coming on board, we’ll ask all participants to think about what they hope to achieve from the experience.

Joining the ship at 10:00am, participants will be allocated to their watches (teams), introduced to safety on-board, have an opportunity to don their harnesses and explore the rigging. Then we’ll head off to anchor for the night. A workshop after dinner will get participants thinking more about what they want to achieve during their weekend at sea.

Overnight, participants will take part in night watch – 1-2 hourly rotations during which they have a range of tasks to check lines, bilges etc. Up nice and early for deck exercises and a safety refresh, it’s time for some physical work.

Once we weigh anchor, the day will be full-on! Working in their teams, participants will participate in a range of activities setting and furling sails, tacking and wearing ship, steering the ship, team sports on deck, problem-solving exercises. Depending on conditions, the Captain will make a decision to stay at sea or anchor overnight. Either way, all participants will be involved in watch rotations throughout the night before another full day of activities. The ship will return to Fremantle Port at around 3:00pm on Day 3.

Before disembarking, students will be asked to work together to discuss what they learnt about themselves and about others from being on board. What did they learn about leadership and learning?

Students will experience challenge and achievement. They will be physically tired and emotionally charged.

Benefits for your education

Read more about our Leeuwin Education Pathway, WACE and WASSA recognition here.

Don’t forget: The Weekend Leadership voyage meet the requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Bronze Award – Adventurous Journey.

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Voyage Schedule

Weekend Leadership 2023
10 Feb - 12 Feb
Departs: Fremantle
Arrival: Fremantle